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1 st

Project Introduction

We begin with a brief introduction to get us on board. We’ll gather crucial details regarding your business field and plan for your target audience. With these details, we form direction for cohesive design and complete the final proposal.


2 nd

Design, Improve, and Approve.

Up-on approval, we grab all ideas off the white board and on to your digital screen. If you are a graphic designer, we encourage you to submit your own design but we can help with this also. Please remember that a professional design is essential and gives us a static representation of the final product.


3 rd

Code Down

Pixel perfect and ready to go, we hand it over to our developers and begin the code down. You will receive access to our portal where you can track progress, download completed files, open tickets, and make payments. Soon, your newly developed website will be identical to your custom design.

Got web hosting?

If you don’t have a provider already, we can serve you up with reliable web hosting. Through web hosting we make your website accessible over the internet.

Lastly, we package, install, and publish

We make sure your site is operative before handing the keys over.


We make sure your website isn’t causing errors or slowing down bandwidth by running a series of tests. This means your website will be blazing fast and completely debugged by this point. We package all website related files and hand you a copy. Your copy will include the final website with all the elements compiled, compressed and ready for installation.

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