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H I V E Framework

Frontend UI Toolkit + WP/PHP Framework

One Sweeeet Framework By Jesus Carrillo

WP { H I V E }v2.5

for WordPress CMS

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Framework Plugins

Each plugin contains custom features, rich in their own unique way. Our plugins interact together and work beautifully to tackle any given task. Each plugin can be extended beyond it’s base features in order to suit your project requirements.

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  • Affiliates

    Archive, track, and display affiliate details and campaigns.
  • Announcements

    Schedule and display popup call-to-action messages.
  • Before & After Comparisons

    Archive and display detailed product comparisons.
  • Blogger

    Extend share-ability, author profiles, and post formats.
  • Catalogs

    Archive, track and display product details.
  • Classes

    Schedule, track and display educational classes and curriculums.
  • Contact Forms

    Manage multiple forms with direct points of contact.
  • Documents

    Archive and display search-able word documents and pdf files.
  • Downloads

    Archive, track and display downloadable content.
  • Events

    Schedule, track and display mapped event details.
  • FAQs

    Archive, track and display frequently asked questions.
  • Galleries

    Archive, track and display image galleries.
  • Locations

    Archive and display mapped location details.
  • Meals

    Archive menus, rate and display nutritional facts.
  • Notices

    Schedule and display site-wide or user-wide notification messages.
  • Offers

    Schedule, track and display special offers or coupons.
  • Performance

    Render static cached pages.
  • Projects

    Archive, track and display detailed portfolio projects.
  • Recommended

    Archive, track, and display recommended entities.
  • Reviews

    Archive, rate and display 5 star reviews.
  • Schedules

    Schedule, track and display activity schedules.
  • Security

    Additional web security protocols.
  • Services

    Archive and display detailed services.
  • Staff

    Archive and display staff details.
  • Testimonials

    Archive and display customer testimonials.
  • Video Series

    Schedule, track and display video series.
  • Video Testimonials

    Archive and display customer video testimonials.
  • Appointments

    (Coming Soon)
  • Guest / User Profiles

    (Coming Soon)
  • E-Commerce

    (Coming Soon)
  • Job Listings

    (Coming Soon)

Extend beyond and reach your ideas.

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Web App Solution

PHP { H I V E }v0.2

Micro Application Framework (JS/PHP)

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